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ICAP will guide and support you in organizing your working committees and chairpersons and attend regularly scheduled meetings to ensure a high level of communication and accountability. We will work with you to create your event’s dinner committee and co-chairs. Our forte is proposing Honorees who are tailored to your organization and will help achieve your fundraising endeavors. We will also work with you to establish a Honorary Committee comprised of Politicians, Dignitaries and VIP’s that will enthusiastically endorse your organization and event.

ICAP will work tirelessly contacting your organization’s supporters and the colleagues of your event’s Honorees to secure high-level sponsorships and maximize fundraising. We will compile letters soliciting support for your event and ensure the necessary follow-up on a continual basis to secure multi-levels of sponsorship.
ICAP will create and distribute all communication identifying those who wish to congratulate the honorees and your organization in writing. We follow up on all communication and recruit a graphic design team that will work to create appropriate and eye catching ads and work with your assigned staff member on placement and design aesthetic. We also reach out to community businesses and corporations that will have a vested interest in advertising in your event tribute journal.
ICAP is fortunate to have thousands of personal vendors and contacts who will gladly secure exciting donated items for a silent auction. We conduct entire silent auction—we acquire great and unique items, create auction bid sheets, package and display items, facilitate auction and handle collections. We are experienced in all aspects of a silent auction from securing unique items, creating bid sheets, packaging and displaying items, facilitating the auction and managing collections. Within 3 days we can submit a financial reconciliation of the auction.
ICAP will locate and secure the perfect venue for your event, as well as make all arrangements for catering, décor, entertainment, lighting, audio & visual, valet, security and VIP protocol. Our talented graphic design team can create memorable ads for tribute journal and program. We will coordinate the seating for your event and ensure receiving of your guests is professional and timely along with proper placement cards.
ICAP will propose and provide a budget including estimates for all services included and propose event revenues. We will also complete and file the Los Angeles Police Commission Social Service Permit and Results of Activity on your behalf. We will also provide you with a paid re-cap of sponsorships, tribute journal ads, table sales and donations.
A most critical element of successful fundraising is a hard-working and conscientious team—we are passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic and tenacious. We will follow up on all communication to ensure a personal rapport is established with potential sponsors, tribute journal and silent auction contributors, including letters to all silent auction contributors and sponsors. The letter will include donation, description, amount and or value as their receipt for tax purposes.
We will listen to your organization’s mission and programs to help you develop the best plan to meet the goals of your organization.

From Non-Profit and Corporate Events, Including Holiday Parties and Company Picnics,
ICAP Specialty Events Can Do it All!

In today’s world there are several different types of events, including live in-person, virtual and a hybrid of the two. We’ll help you define what type of event best fits your organization, audience, and needs to fulfil your goals.
ICAP will ensure receipt of and register all financials and ads, as well as register all attendees. We will manage any monies received in a mutually agreed upon manner and then forward all approved expenses to you for reimbursement.
ICAP Specialty Events will work closely with the board to identify funding needs, research to find potential grant opportunities, and write and submit grant proposals.
Board development is an important step for any organization to achieve its goals. We will work with your team to define the mission and create a framework of expectations so that management, staff and volunteers can make your mission a reality.
Thank you for your assistance over the past 3 1/2 years. I learned a lot from you and appreciate your dedication in assisting nursing students to receive the Kaiser scholarships.

– Carolyn Washington, DNP, MSM Ed, RN, BC, Nursing Professor, LATTC

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