ICAP Speciality Events 7 Secrets to a successful Event
ICAP Specialty Events

About Us

ICAP Specialty Events is unique from all other non-profit organization consultants due to our dedication, tenacity and enthusiastic approach to coordinating and supporting your special event.

The ICAP Specialty Events team is dedicated and committed to providing their clients with the best personal service. We pride ourselves on working with a diverse group of clients. Here are the main tenets to ICAP’s philosophy of fundraising:


ICAP Specialty Events has built an excellent reputation based on working in close cooperation with both individuals and committees to reach our clients’ objectives. We are able to manage all details from our first meeting to completion of your event. We take pride in our ability to elevate non-profit organizations’ fundraising.


We will work tirelessly to contact your organization’s supporters and the colleagues of your event’s Honorees to secure high-level sponsorships and maximize fundraising.


We will create all correspondence soliciting support for your event and follow-up on a continual basis to secure multi-levels of sponsorship. ICAP Specialty Events can help your organization surpass your goals and create more powerful fundraising events.


ICAP has extensive experience in providing unique silent auctions and adding to your fundraiser goals.


As a unique way to increase fundraising, we will contact friends, colleagues and associates of your honorees and request that they congratulate these special individuals in the Tribute Journal specially created for the event. Selling these pages and ads are an invaluable addition to fundraising.


We will follow up on all communication to ensure a personal rapport is established with potential sponsors, tribute journal and silent auction contributors.


Virtual Fundraising & Hybrid Fundraising Events is another option ICAP can provide. There are various, new ways to raise money in this exciting environment.


We are experienced in Fund Development which is another major aspect of fundraising through board development and associate groups to the board.
I want to THANK YOU for helping us with our largest and most successful fundraiser. You are part of the team that made our 125th year anniversary so special. Thanks again for making this such a successful event.

– – Richard Cheung, Board Chair, Friends In Deed

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